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Why Are The Graves Must Be Six Feet Under?

The Grave why are graves six feet deep

The Grave

Have you ever wondered why the graves are six feet deep?

Before the Black Death, the graves were not that deep. However, during the Black Plague in Europe, bodies of victims were not buried properly. As a result, it caused unpleasant side effects, such as the following:

1. Parts of dead bodies were exposed. This is where the term “boneyard” originated from.

2. Dead body parts decomposing on the surface did not alleviate the said health problem.

Which country that started this rule?

It was England that first mandated that dead bodies must be buried six feet deep or two meters from the surface. With this depth, they could

1. Bury two bodies in one place

2. Leave a cushion of two feet of soil above the buried body.

This means that one grave can have two (2) feet for the first body, two (2) feet for the second body and another two (2) feet of soil to separate the two coffins. It was assumed that each casket was two feet high.

3. The said rule would also safeguard the coffins against predators.

Could the depth of the graves be even deeper?

Yes. However, it might not be safe and reasonable for gravediggers. Plus, the distance is not deep enough to tackle water or rock when shoveling.

Education And Training In The Philippines – What Is It Like?

Providing education and training is always a business, at least for the majority of school operators. Because it is a business, the costs of running a school should be adjusted according to the economic situation. These costs will include the salaries of the teachers and other personnel of that school.

An increase in tuition and other fees

Each year, most of the private schools and other learning institutions increase their fees. They need the adjustments to prosper and stay in this type of business. Although parents and students do understand that regular adjustments are necessary for inflation, they are also expecting that their children are getting quality services. After all, schools that offer education and training are in the business entity.

What is the Philippine education like? 

In the Philippines, unfortunately, its quality of education and training is lagging behind its neighbors. Its competitiveness has suffered significantly leading to slow growth and development in science and technology.

School is a good business. 

Because it is a good business and there is a growing demand for education and training, the number of new schools is growing. Those existing institutions compete against these new schools by offering popular courses but with little regulation.

The result? 

The majority of their graduates usually fail when taking professional licensure examinations.

What efforts are made? 

1. Although the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has made efforts in resolving this issue, the problem remains unresolved.

2. Schools with low ratings in licensure examinations will be forced to close.

3. The said government agency has tightened its requirements when it comes to tuition fee increases.

So is it reasonable for schools to increase their tuition and other fees?  

Yes, but only to those schools that provide their students with quality of education and training. To those schools with high number of students who fail in licensure examinations must improve their services, i.e. if they are requesting for a tuition fee increase. Because it is a business, they must see to it that they are offering value for money.

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